Co-Active Life Coaching for Doctors and Nurses:

Do you feel like you need a change? Do you want more balance and fulfillment in your life?  Co-Active Life coaching is different from therapy.  Life coaching is focused on the present moment and the future. It is an exploration of possibilities.  

During the process, I will be asking powerful questions that help you access your best information, talents, emotions and self. I will also provide support, objectivity, structure, energy, positivity, insight and tools.  You have all the answers already and may need some clarification. 

Between sessions is where the real work happens. You will have steps to take in your own life, and/or exercises to complete to make sure your being held accountable to achieve results.

My focus is on healthcare professionals who want to reach their fullest potential. 

How it works:

Our first session will be a complimentary session. The next two sessions will be a "discovery session" of 60 minutes to explore your passions and values.  We will continue with four 30 minute sessions or two 1 hour sessions per month. We will create a coaching partnership for 1, 3, or 6 months, depending upon your goals.  

Next step:

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