Medical school was a highly stressful time for me. With all the work that was in front of me, I felt that I was stuck and I did not know how to fix my problems. From our first discussion over the phone, I found that Dr. Ko’s approach was incredibly effective. His focus on making you think through the problem and helping you come up with a solution was incredibly effective. He did a fantastic job of holding me accountable for my actions and as a result I began to enjoy the important things in life defined by my own values. His style coupled with an amazing sense of creativity and humor gave me the perspective I needed to get over the speed bumps in my life. I highly recommend him as a life coach!
— Medical Student
As I entered my final year of residency training, many big decisions loomed, not the least of which was wanting to ensure my career path was headed in the right direction. Given all of the possibilities in front of me and the desire to avoid falling into the ‘rat race’ many physicians stumble into early in their career, which inevitably leads to burnout and job dissatisfaction, I needed a life coach who could help me take a step back and take a more introspective look into my desires and motivations without all of the surrounding noise. By taking actionable steps, working with Sam allowed me to establish a much greater sense of clarity and approach my career as a physician leader with a greater confidence and drive!
— Resident
As a working adult, I have many aspects going on in my life. Work life, home life, finance, relationships, physical health, emotional health, spirituality, leisure time, personal goals, etc. and keeping everything in balance can be challenging, but no less important. Dr. Ko helped me realize that and helped me identify the areas in my life that I felt was lackluster. He helped me set small practical goals each week to achieve and held me accountable to it. With each goal, I became more focused and confident in my pursuit of a balanced-life. His approach is very welcoming and engaging while making you feel comfortable. Dr. Ko is passionate at what he does and I would consider having him as a life coach an asset.
— Nurse
“Dr. Chan was calm and logical during our coaching session. I truly felt heard and understood. Our sessions was very focused and practical.”
— Student
Dr. Chan’s voice is so calming and relaxing. She’s such a great listener. She helped me identify my values that I hadn’t been nurtured.
— Resident
Kim helped me gain a new perspective on an area I was struggling with. Thank you!
— Student

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