When Choosing a Life Coach, It Is Critical That You Look For These Factors: 


#1 Coach training

-You want to deal with life coaches who have been trained by the best.  

- Coaches Training Institute (CTI) is the largest and oldest in-person coach training in the world.


#2 HealthCare experience

- You MUST work with coaches who knows what it's like in the real "trenches" of medicine.


#3 doing the work

-We are as deeply committed to our own personal growth and transformation as we are to yours.  

-We walk the walk and we only use what works.


#4 Co-Active COAchiNG model

-We hold you as "naturally creative, resourceful and whole," and entirely capable of finding your own answers to your challenges.

- We ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit your unique skills and creativity, rather than give advice.


#5 ACTIon & FUture Oriented 

-You want someone who will support you in taking massive action to create the future you want.


#6 Accountability

-  The difference between a dream and goal is deadline.

-We support you by asking WHAT and BY WHEN? 


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